Episode 2: Kiyota Sage: Snippet 2

kiyota fireball snippet 2

This is the second ever snippet of the first ever Me And My Friends Podcast – featuring Kiyota Sage from episode two. Click on the image of Kiyota or where it reads “Kiyota Snippet” below. I am still trying to get the hang of this thing and am running tests and mixing things and just going all out crazy.

This particular snippet focuses on his time starring in “Snow Falling On Cedars” and his experience hanging out with Ethan Hawke. The film was produced in Port Townsend in the late 90’s and clearly made a huge impression on Kiyota, who had some major screen time.

This episode was recored in March when I was quite sick, so please don’t mind the hacking and coughing.

In this upcoming podcast we will hit on a range of subjects including high school, the Nanda origin story, Cherry Poppin Daddy’s, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Port Townsend, Ellensburg, Cle Elum, sword fighting, Ethan Hawke, Black Eyed Peas, Reality Bites, Fedoras, Ken Kesey, Orion and Isaac, and much more!