Episode 3 Snippet: Nanda

nanda boys

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For episode 3 of the “Me and My Friends Podcast” I was joined by 3/4 of the members of Nanda (sans our pal Misha) who were in town for an event called the Umbrella Festival. These boys are amazing performing artists, even having a Youtube video with over a million views.

However, we didn’t discuss much about their amazing success, instead exploring Chen’s morning routine and focusing on ideas related to community, keeping Californians and other climate refugees out of the Pacific Northwest, the best town to create the next new epic arts scene, and explored my Tinder profile for awhile.

We were also joined by two special guests who happened to be calling me at the time of the recording. Please enjoy this snippet of episode 3 of the “Me And My Friends Podcast”:

tohm kiyota chen snippet

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