Episode 3: Tohm, Chen & Kiyota

For the THIRD EVER Me and My Friends Podcast I have Tohm, Chen & Kiyota – 3/4 members of the performing arts group NANDA in my apartment for a digital recording. Despite forgone warnings, one member of the group decided to eat corn nuts during my introduction. Also, the episode was recorded a couple months ago when the lads were in town – so never mind any references to the Umbrella Festival.

We discuss such fascinating topics as:

1. What is it like to live in Port Townsend?
2. Which famous people have been in Port Townsend?
3. How do we deal with climate refugees from California?
4. Can Port Angeles be the next mecca for creative types?

And much more!

We also play an incredible round of team Tinder as the lads help our dear host to decide on who he should date next ….

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