Episode 4: Bill Lascher

bill lascher, neighbor to goats

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For episode four of the “Me and My Friends Podcast” we were joined by journalist Bill Lascher, who is confirmed to be a neighbor to goats by Portland media, and who just got back from a research trip to China and the Philippines.

Perhaps more interestingly, he’s just about finished an epic manuscript on a journalist from World War Two who was one of Time Magazine’s first foreign corresspondents. What struck me about the interview was how his subject Mel’s worldly ambitions sounded a lot like contemporary millennialls. Here’s a little more about the book from Bill’s website:

Recently acquired for publication by William Morrow, A Danger Shared, a work of deeply-researched, richly-detailed narrative nonfiction, recounts the meteoric rise of Melville Jacoby, a dashing foreign correspondent who fell in love not only with a country—China—but with Annalee Whitmore, a whip-smart Hollywood scriptwriter-turned journalist at whose side he covered the opening days of World War II, reporting on the besieged nationalist capital of Chongqing, the fall of Manila and the struggle for Bataan.

For more on Bill Lascher, visit his website.

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