Episode 6: Sean Gronich

sean gronich badger and boar

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Episode 6. For the sixth episode of the Me and My Friends Podcast I’m joined by Portland, Oregon barber and stylist – hell – esthetician – Sean Gronich. He’s been cutting my hair (or what’s left of it) for the past couple of years and doing one hell of a job.

In this episode he talks about following his dreams to Los Angeles where he worked for the Discovery Channel with Bear Grylls, before realizing his one true passion was cutting hair. In perhaps one of the more interesting developments, we learn that his work on Bear’s show was quite the coincidence – he’s also a bit of a survivalist in his personal life. Sean also shares some insight into the local Portland hairstyle scene in the wake of lots of movement in the industry.

In late June/early July of 2015 Sean is opening his first shop, called Badger & Boar, and it will be located at SE 33rd and Division behind Salt & Straw. For more, visit his website at: www.thebadgerandboar.com or find him on Facebook! But if too many of you start making so many appointments that I cannot make it in I will be quite upset. In fact, I will sulk right outside Salt & Straw with a double-scoop and shame you whilst donning an ice cream smile when you walk past me on your way into Sean’s shop.

Also, check out Sean’s 15 minutes of fame – his debut, as he calls it – he’s the fella moving the bike into the shot at 7:10:

Sean rearranging bicycle in his major television debut

Sean rearranging bicycle in his major television debut

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