Episode 7: Jake Elliot, Fantasy Author

Jake Elliot, Author

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Jake Elliot‘s debut novel is titled, “The Wrong Way Down.” The name seems awfully prophetic for the manner in which he started down his path as a fantasy/dark fiction writer. Some might argue it all began with a car crash at the age of 16 that nearly caused lifelong paralysis (and has manifested a recent back surgery), but in the podcast he argues his love for writing began as a rebellious high school kid who skipped class to hang in the library. (that’ll show them teachers!)

In this incredibly candid interview, Elliot joined me at my apartment in SE Portland to discuss his own struggles navigating what Larry McMurtry (Lonesome Dove) once described to him as the vast ocean in which a new author has to navigate to ever find his way to shore (and financial buoyancy).

This podcast is actually a must-listen for any would-be writer dreaming of publishing their first novel. Elliot shares his own struggles navigating the publishing industry – and has many words of caution for those daydreaming of success and fortune as a writer. See: Preditors & Editors

Visit his website for upcoming readings and to review his books, otherwise, please enjoy the podcast!

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