Podcasting Update 7/25/15 (blog)

Hi Friends!

The reception I’ve had for the podcast so far is a little overwhelming. I’m seeing hundreds of visitors to the website every month and although iTunes doesn’t give me much data on listeners, I can tell it’s helping to get the word out beyond my social network. I even had a friend tell me that a mutual friend who I hadn’t heard from in years was listening. So thank you to everyone and be sure to like the Facebook page for the latest updates!

A word on my direction.

I already have a bunch of great friends lined up for the fall. Guests will include a gun safety advocate, a winemaker, a television news reporter and a wildly entertaining shapeshifting world traveler who has lived more life in his pinky than most will squeeze into their 81-year North American life expectancy.

I will also be doing a special multi-epsisode segment on Bosnian immigrants living in Portland, Oregon. These are folks who escaped a heinous war in the 90’s and in 20-years have turned into exemplary Americans – one is even an Oregon Book Award Winner.


zoom iq6

The Zoom iQ6

In August I will be leaving Oregon for a month to travel to Germany, Bosnia and Ireland. I just bought this awesome microphone that I can attach to my iPhone called a Zoom iQ6. I tested the piece at the pub last night and am excited about it’s capability for field recordings – or pub recordings in the very least.

I don’t anticipate I will record any shows from Germany, but in Bosnia I will connect with some great friends, some of whom were international faces of the Bosnian War – and hopefully they will agree to join me on this podcasting adventure.

In Ireland I’ll be traveling with my father and grandparents, and going to their ancestral villages. I hope to get as many stories as I can from them about why and how they left the old sod and were able to rebuild their lives in America. I will also be traveling to the ancestral village of Sean MacDiarmada – a hero in the 1916 Easter Rising who is also a distant relation of mine.

Anyways – thanks to all for listening – I look forward to bringing some more amusing stories and exciting content in the fall!

Mike P.

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