Episode 8: Jasmin Mujanović, Bosnian Political Expert

Jasmin Mujanovic

In episode 4 with Bill Lascher we joked about meeting for the first time via Twitter, and I pondered if that made us giant nerds? Well, if that didn’t do it, I also met Jasmin Mujanović – a Bosnian Political Expert and editor at Balkanist Magazine – on Twitter (@jasminmuj) – but I also traveled halfway around the world to meet him in person (sorry, Bill).

We met during a thunder and lightening storm (check out the dramatic explosion around 38:15) in his new apartment in the city of Sarajevo in Bosnia Hercegovina. I’ve had an interest in Bosnia since reading Bill Carter’s masterpiece memoir “Fools Rush In” about his experience hand delivering aid there during the war in the 90’s. My personal interest in Bosnia has been bolstered by wonderful people and all means of arts and culture I’ve experienced during the past decade including books by Ismet PrcicNenad Veličković, Tim Butcher and music by bands like Kultur Shock (with a lead singer from Sarajevo) and Vladimir Kajevic. Further, every Bosnian you meet who moved to the United States during the war has an amazing story about escaping the violence and rebuilding their lives in America that just fills my heart to the brim with red, white & blue pride.

So when I discovered Jasmin, a PHD student from York University in Canada, waxing poetic about all means of international policy and history related to Bosnia, I knew I had to become e-friends with this extraordinary intellect and talent.

In this interview with Jasmin, we take the listening audience through 300 or so years of incredibly interesting Bosnian history and explore what transformations took place in Yugoslavia during the 20th century that led to the tragic war that took over 100,000 lives and threatened to destroy many more. We also opine about how things may (or may not) have changed since the end of the war.

This episode is a little longer (and really could be made into an entire series) but when you have access to an intellect like Jasmin, you just gotta let the tape roll. If anyone has questions or comments for Jasmin about his work or anything discussed in the podcast, please feel free to share in the comment box on this website or on the Me and My Friends Facebook page.

For more from Jasmin, be sure to check out Balkanist Magazine.

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