Episode 9: Efra, prolific fundraiser and community activist

Efra Me and my Friends podcast

Episode 9. This podcast kicks off Season Two of the Me and My Friends Podcast. We’re joined by Efra, a prolific fundraiser and advocate for various disadvantaged or misunderstood communities. Efra’s most recent project is a bi-weekly event at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland titled the Cool Kids Club. The event brings comics and musicians from Portland to perform providing the people with an epic free evening of entertainment on the Doug Fir’s classic Portland patio. I went last week and it was great.

cool kids club flier

Efra has lived quite the interesting life, and he shares a little bit of it with us in this recent podcast. From working at Winchell’s Donuts in Compton as a kid to leading a weekly drag show in a tiny Pacific Northwest paradise, this candid podcast explores whether or not the LGBT cause can take a breather now that it has had so many political victories during Obama’s term, Efra’s passion for Bernie Sanders, and some of the experiences that drove him to become passionate about politics in the first place. Plus we compare toes.










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