Full Episodes

Episode 7: Jake Elliot, Fantasy Author

Jake Elliot‘s debut novel is titled, “The Wrong Way Down.” The name seems awfully prophetic for the manner in which he started down his path as a fantasy/dark fiction writer. Some might argue it all began with a car crash at the age of 16 that nearly caused lifelong paralysis (and has manifested a recent […]

Episode 6: Sean Gronich

Episode 6. For the sixth episode of the Me and My Friends Podcast I’m joined by Portland, Oregon barber and stylist – hell – esthetician – Sean Gronich. He’s been cutting my hair (or what’s left of it) for the past couple of years and doing one hell of a job. In this episode he […]

Episode 5: Jarrod Bramson of Solvents

For the fifth episode of the Me and My Friends Podcast I traveled up to Port Townsend, Washington to interview Solvents lead vocalist and guitarist, Jarrod Bramson. We spoke about the early days of the “Port Townsend Scene” and I gushed openly about my appreciation of the Solvents sound. We also discuss the challenges of […]

Episode 4: Bill Lascher

For episode four of the “Me and My Friends Podcast” we were joined by journalist Bill Lascher, who is confirmed to be a neighbor to goats by Portland media, and who just got back from a research trip to China and the Philippines. Perhaps more interestingly, he’s just about finished an epic manuscript on a journalist from […]

Episode 3: Tohm, Chen & Kiyota

For the THIRD EVER Me and My Friends Podcast I have Tohm, Chen & Kiyota – 3/4 members of the performing arts group NANDA in my apartment for a digital recording. Despite forgone warnings, one member of the group decided to eat corn nuts during my introduction. Also, the episode was recorded a couple months […]

Episode 2: Kiyota Sage

  This is the first ever snippet of the first ever “Me And My Friends Podcast” – featuring Kiyota Sage from episode two. Click on the image of Kiyota or where it reads “Kiyota Snippet” below. I am still trying to get the hang of this thing and am running tests and mixing things and […]