Episode 4: Bill Lascher

For episode four of the “Me and My Friends Podcast” we were joined by journalist Bill Lascher, who is confirmed to be a neighbor to goats by Portland media, and who just got back from a research trip to China and the Philippines. Perhaps more interestingly, he’s just about finished an epic manuscript on a journalist from […]

Episode 3 Snippet: Nanda

For episode 3 of the “Me and My Friends Podcast” I was joined by 3/4 of the members of Nanda (sans our pal Misha) who were in town for an event called the Umbrella Festival. These boys are amazing performing artists, even having a Youtube video with over a million views. However, we didn’t discuss […]

Episode 2: Kiyota Sage: Snippet 2

This is the second ever snippet of the first ever Me And My Friends Podcast – featuring Kiyota Sage from episode two. Click on the image of Kiyota or where it reads “Kiyota Snippet” below. I am still trying to get the hang of this thing and am running tests and mixing things and just going […]