Podcasting Update 7/25/15 (blog)

Hi Friends! The reception I’ve had for the podcast so far is a little overwhelming. I’m seeing hundreds of visitors to the website every month and although iTunes doesn’t give me much data on listeners, I can tell it’s helping to get the word out beyond my social network. I even had a friend tell […]

Episode 7: Jake Elliot, Fantasy Author

Jake Elliot‘s debut novel is titled, “The Wrong Way Down.” The name seems awfully prophetic for the manner in which he started down his path as a fantasy/dark fiction writer. Some might argue it all began with a car crash at the age of 16 that nearly caused lifelong paralysis (and has manifested a recent […]

Episode 3 Snippet: Nanda

For episode 3 of the “Me and My Friends Podcast” I was joined by 3/4 of the members of Nanda (sans our pal Misha) who were in town for an event called the Umbrella Festival. These boys are amazing performing artists, even having a Youtube video with over a million views. However, we didn’t discuss […]

Episode 2: Kiyota Sage: Snippet 2

This is the second ever snippet of the first ever Me And My Friends Podcast – featuring Kiyota Sage from episode two. Click on the image of Kiyota or where it reads “Kiyota Snippet” below. I am still trying to get the hang of this thing and am running tests and mixing things and just going […]